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You can buy my latest artwork exclusivly in the HeArtful Soul Artist Collective AUCTION

in November 2018

  on Facebook hosted by the wonderful Olga Furman !




If you not have an account on Facebook please contact me, there is a way you can bid nevertheless.


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Hi lovely creatives!

Wonderful Olga Furman has done it again! She will host another round of Paint Your Heart and Soul and I am so happy to be part of the teachers once more! Whoot!  

This time we are going a bit more academic and we have tons of new techniques to discover! But Of we have lots of storytelling lessons again and that makes me so excited too!!


Hope you like the the theme and enjoy over 50 downloadable video lessons and PDF’s to follow along so easy…You will get so much value (one lesson is under $2 with the Early Bird Price!)      The course will start on January 2019.


I have two lessons for you: You will learn how I use my knowledge about the colortheorie to boost  my intuitive and playful storytelling paintings.  I play with collage and my intuition to build a meaningful work of art..At least meaningful to me..but isn‘t this what really counts?! ;) My process of letting loose  helps develop your own creativity and imagination and I hope this is right your alley too! ;)



Are you excited  and want to join us?! If so please use my sales link below to support me 


Thank you so much and I hope to see you in class!

Mein nächster Live-Workshop

Du hast eine kreative Ader möchtest mehr über Mixed Media oder Artjournaling erfahren? Probier es einfach aus! Du willst mal eine Auszeit vom Alltag nehmen?  Dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

I am teaching in the incredible Ongoing Retreat 2018 hosted by  wonderful Galia Alena! Come and boost your creativity with various lessons from 18 teachers! 

Paint Your Heart And Soul 2018

I am offering two lessons in this incredible yearlong workshop bundle hosted by wonderful Olga Furman! I would be thrilled, if you join us!