„The Genious Moment – Art Journaling With Collage”

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In this self-paced Workshop I will take you with me when creating with one of my favorite art journal techniques.

I guide you through finding my collagematerial, show you why I choose it and how I arrange it to in the end make my own story with it.

You will have lots of fun by working out your own pages with this kind of  storytelling exercise.


The lesson "Der Geniale Moment" was part of an Workshop Bundle from wonderful Karli S from Kreatives Leben



What You Will GET :

  • Around 2 hours of video in which I walk you through each step of the project
  • A Walkthrough of the Lesson with text and images




  • ·         Using stencils and artsprays as a starting point
  • ·         Using collage out of magazines to find inspiration for your art journal spread
  • ·         Painting in layers with gesso and acrylic to make the collage your own.
  • ·         Using different mixed media materials
  • ·         Staying loose with your brushstrokes and lines to loose the fear of painting faces, figures and items
  • ·         Telling a visual story through your art

And much more!



What supplies Do You need?

Please use the supplies that you already have.   

Here are the materials I have used for the class:

  • ·       Paper or and art journal ca Din A 3 opened
  • ·       Art Sprays Marabu
  • ·       Stencils
  • ·       Brayer
  • ·       Makeup sponge
  • ·       Brush flat Pinsel:  Flach pinsel ca. 0,4 inches, Brush cattongue  ca. 0,4 inches breit,
  • ·       Detailsbrush round
  • ·       Old creditcard
  • ·       Gelmedium Matt
  • ·       Gesso white
  • ·       Magazines for Collage material
  • ·       Scissors
  • ·       Staedlter Mars Lumograph 100B 8B or Kimberly 9xxb from General
  • ·       5-6 different Acrylic paints which fits to the Collage and / or the background
  • ·       Waxpaper as a palette






You are welcome to join my private FACEBOOK GROUP and share your work with others that are also taking my classes or artchallenges.

This is a wonderful way to inspire each other and get feedback .



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Due to the nature of the immediate availability of this course, it is non-refundable.


You need high-speed internet access to stream and view the class content.


Once you have registered, you can go to the classroom at any time



Get Started Now!

 $ 23 

for round about 120 minutes of video to play with