Portrait à la Kiki Kogelnik


 $ 23 



In this self-paced Workshop I will take you with me when creating inspired by the wonderful Pop Up Artist Kiki Kogelnik


So many possibilities to let this workshop flow into your own art practice!




What You Will GET :

  • Around 120 minutes of video in which I walk you through each step of the project
  • Some references from Kiki  and some paintings of her to get you inspired





  • How to create a fun background with acrylics, stencils and stamps
  • I show you how I use a reference to sketch her portrait and then work it out with a drybrush technique
  • You will see me go through my collage stuff to build a story
  • I will show you one of my favorite techniques: the negativ painting
  • See me using various mixed media supplies and get new ideas for your practice
  • All in all: How easy it is to find inspiration in another artists work when not know what to paint yourself and let it sneak into your own style



What supplies Do You need?

Please use the supplies that you already have.   

You will find a list of the things I have used, when starting the lesson, but if you have acrylic paint, glue, a stiff brush and a dark charcoal/graphite pencil you can start right away.


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You are welcome to join my private FACEBOOK GROUP and share your work with others that are also taking my classes or artchallenges.

This is a wonderful way to inspire each other and get feedback .



You will be asked to create an account by THINKIFIC when purchasing the class. 

Your registration gives you personal access only and I think you will understand that it is not  allowed to share your classroom login.

Due to the nature of the immediate availability of this course, it is non-refundable.


You need high-speed internet access to stream and view the class content.


Once you have registered, you can go to the classroom at any time