07. Oktober 2018
Yesterday I managed only to play a bit with some pastels in my sketchjournal...Normally I love to make a complete spread instead of a sketch, but hey, lets try out new stuff everynow and then ;) .... I did not had an eraser on hand, so it was a bit tricky but I try to fix it with a rag or some white pastels....I played with my own Art Challenge Mix It Monthly who shout out for only using 5 artsupplies this month ;) .
02. Oktober 2018
Hi everyone! Today I did the random draw from 81 tickets with the help of sweet hubby and voilĂ  here is the winner: Big Congratulations Adi Birkefeld, you won!! 👏🎉🎈🎉👏 Thank you all so much for your comments and likes on our PYHaS 2019 launch and for participating! Wish I could give away a seat for everyone of you, but you can still get the Early Bird Special which means $30 discount! Follow the button below... Would be thrilled to see you all there! đŸ˜˜đŸ‘đŸŽšđŸ‘đŸ€—

28. September 2018
Stumbled upon this sweet journalspread from last year...I have never shared it before, so I think now is the time ;) DonÂŽt know what these chinese signs mean, but hope they fit to the overall protective feel of the spread ;) PS After posting this spread on Facebook, sweet Nancy Baumiller pointed out to me, that the top one means Water and the bottom one probably Gold.... Wow, that is wonderful and without knowing I find it fits perfect, haha
25. September 2018
UPPSI, sorry for the WRONG newsletter that Auction starts today...this mail should be sended out last week....OMG seems I need more training with my newsletterproggy...OMG haha....hope you donÂŽt mind and you please bare with me ;) xox

25. September 2018
Don't forget to participate in my GIVEAWAY by sharing my affilitate link https://tinyurl.com/PiaromartPYHaS2019 You can of course share this collage with it for more fun! Please let me know where you have shared by tagging me, so that I can put you into the raffle!
25. September 2018
Finally all the paintings from the wonderful Heartful Soul Auction are on its way to the lucky new owners!! So happy they all found a new home!! I am overwhelmed and so lucky by your wonderful support on my creative journey! Love you all! xox

18. September 2018
So excited to have another Auction Event with Olga Furman tonight! Auction has started right now and maybe you want to visit us, have a look around, like, comment, cheering up! Would love to see you around! <3 There will be new paintings posted over the whole time the auction runs! So stay tuned...
16. September 2018
„Reach For The Stars"... So often I feel my head is in the sky while I am walking down here on earth, haha....I love to reach out... To breath in the air from far away... ... An impression of depth and distance... Calms me down .... This one is painted with acrylics on woodpanel (approximately 16 x 11inches) it is ready to join the next Heartful Soul Auction starting Tuesday at 12pm EDT

10. September 2018
I try to stay calm when life gets challenging, but sometimes I need a reminder like this, haha..... this fun spread emerged as we painted in our Art Journaling Group! We had so much fun and I get a good relaxation as you can see ;)
04. September 2018
The title of this painting is: "Keep Calm And Put Your Pearls On" - this is how I feel, when walking in my studio and open up my artjournal to work in it....its like a ritual that I enjoy to very much! Moving my hands, touching my stuff, fling paint, create problems, only to can solve them right after that, brings me in a state of stillness, kind of a meditation....It calms and grounds me...so much needed!

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