14. Juni 2018
I flip through this selfbound Art Journal for you! Have fun!
11. Juni 2018
Did you know the whole week there is free worldwide shipping at INPRNT!! You can purchase my available artprints there!!! They also have artcards available! If you are interested, please take a look here: I am busy creating for my next auction, as much as I am filming my next lesson over on Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018! Stay tuned, I will share some more infos here on my blog soon!

08. Juni 2018
I can't help but find all those fun creatures in my backgrounds these days, haha ....I call this piece "Reach For The Stars" and sometimes I feel so much closer to the stars in warm nights like this as they are here right now.....Looove summer, did I mentioned?! And again this piece was lying for years in my studio until I decide to work on it...seems it was the right time, because I found the best I could find in it. I can't tell enough, try to stay in your flow...don't force things to...
03. Juni 2018
"There Is Bravery In Being Soft" For me that is a very truth! I think compassion is key when it comes to living a peaceful life...it gives me and all the other people I am surrounded freedom to really can find the real passion in life! For sure it is not possible to be in this holy state everytime, hihi This sweet guy wil find it´s way into the next Heartful Soul Artist Collective Auction.

03. Juni 2018
I am so very thankful, my dear sister now have discover her creative muse herself! So we can journal our hearts content when we met now! We connect on such deaper levels and it so makes my heart sing! We had a big session for two days now on which I could create two little paintings myself. (for the second one I have some more lil adds to do)...the motives are inspired by the colourful background and the lil creatures made us giggle more than once....hope it gave you a good one too ;)