12. November 2019
and the SALE goes on! You have always thought about taking Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019? Then NOW is the time: It is available for only $99 instead of regularly $125 Wophiie!! (FLASH SALE EXP.DATE – NOV.14TH MIDNIGHT EST) Grab your beverage and take a look at all the incredible student work from one of my lessons: Klicke hier um das Video zu schauen Come and start with us >>> You want to be part of Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 ??? Great idea, because this is the biggest edition,...
15. Oktober 2019
Today I am taking part in an online aution again...and read my take on Seurats Work as much as I enjoy big bowls of salad....

15. Oktober 2019
Heute startet wieder eine Auction mit meinen Bildern! Verpasse nicht, meine Kunst zum günstigen Startpreis zu ergattern....
04. Oktober 2019
Want a lesson on how famous artists inspire my work?

03. Oktober 2019
Viele neue Infos und Kreativideen für Dich
21. Januar 2019
Come and watch this FREE Art-Video in which I create this fun journalspread: You just have to subscribe to my newsletter here:

02. Januar 2019
I hope you had a crazy good start into the new year and it will be healthy, happy and of course creative for you! Since my last newsletter I had some time to journal along with loved friends, which always is such a comfort time for me... This fun spread, which was semi finished comes to a funny end and now it gave me a smile each time I see it...so love when stuff get finished...yes I can't wait to complete the whole journal and make a lil video about!! The original foto of the lil dog has...
07. Oktober 2018
Yesterday I managed only to play a bit with some pastels in my sketchjournal...Normally I love to make a complete spread instead of a sketch, but hey, lets try out new stuff everynow and then ;) .... I did not had an eraser on hand, so it was a bit tricky but I try to fix it with a rag or some white pastels....I played with my own Art Challenge Mix It Monthly who shout out for only using 5 artsupplies this month ;) .

02. Oktober 2018
Hi everyone! Today I did the random draw from 81 tickets with the help of sweet hubby and voilà here is the winner: Big Congratulations Adi Birkefeld, you won!! 👏🎉🎈🎉👏 Thank you all so much for your comments and likes on our PYHaS 2019 launch and for participating! Wish I could give away a seat for everyone of you, but you can still get the Early Bird Special which means $30 discount! Follow the button below... Would be thrilled to see you all there! 😘👏🎨👏🤗
28. September 2018
Stumbled upon this sweet journalspread from last year...I have never shared it before, so I think now is the time ;) Don´t know what these chinese signs mean, but hope they fit to the overall protective feel of the spread ;) PS After posting this spread on Facebook, sweet Nancy Baumiller pointed out to me, that the top one means Water and the bottom one probably Gold.... Wow, that is wonderful and without knowing I find it fits perfect, haha

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