15. August 2018
Fun critters collection - Studentwork from my Mini Lesson in PYHaS 2018
15. August 2018
Hier die Werke von unserem letzten Art Journal Treffen! Wir hatten MEGA Spass wie Ihr vielleicht sehen könnt! Wer Lust hat mitzumachen (bitte schon bei mind. 4 Beginner Kursen dabeigewesen zu sein oder Erfahrung mit Mixed Media mitbringen) kann sich für den nächsten Termin am Freitag, den 07. September ab 18 Uhr anmelden HIER Ich freue mich schon riesig drauf! Bis dahin lasst fleissig die Farben fliegen und füllt Eure Journals!

13. August 2018
And here he is: melting my heart with his soft eyes, haha...seems like this animal series goes into overtime and I like it!! He is painted on woodpanel 11x11 inches for the upcoming auction in September...the painting is called 'Can These Eyes Lie?' ....Let me know if you want a notification when the auction starts <3
07. August 2018
Tomorrow this sweet guy goes live in my lesson in the collaborative workshop Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018...it is funny what I see in the background sometimes...this time it was a cow and I had to bring her out, using layers of layers of colour...step by step, until she where bold as I wanted her to be...then she decide to stick out her tongue at me, hihi...so here she is to lighten up your day too!

03. August 2018
Find some journaling time tonight... Played with the wonderful lesson of Annie Hamman in Paint Your heart and Soul 2018 about scetching hands and with the sweet lesson of Micki Wilde in the Ongoing Retreat 2018 in painting a panda bear....I love to bring more than one lesson into one spread, lets them mingle and work together in the end, I also love to hear a song over and over again while I create a spread and this time it was "Hold My Hand" from Hootie and the Blowfish....
26. Juli 2018
You get a chance of grabbing these two paintings for a really good deal till today 12pm EST! Use the link below and scroll down till you find them...

24. Juli 2018
Get the chance to take tons of photos while journaling tonight...so much fun to see the spread evolve...my favorite part: cat is born, get white glowing eyes, haha...have fun!
19. Juli 2018
I so love to bring both sides of the journalspread together, so they can melt into a new fun story....to work in my journal at the end of a long day....nothing better than that! Even if it is only an hour...it calms me down, bring my attention inwards and make me ready to dive into my dreamworld....how about you?

18. Juli 2018
I so enjoy the lil snippets summer brings to me! Its my favorite season of the year, did I mention that?!...Butterflies always are so special to me and so I can spend a whole afternoon chasing them with my cameralenses ;) and then the delicate light of the uprising moon...awww what a day...
16. Juli 2018
My lesson in the Ongoing Retreat is LIVE, whoot! If you want to join me while creating this colourful journalspread and many fantastic lessons more click the button below. Galia Alena wrap up this fantastic bundle of amazing artists to boost up your creativity! I am so amazed by all the student work so far!

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