Saints And Spirits, Salad and Seurat

I'm really excited, because my newest pictures are available in the Online Auction
"Saints And Spirits"
starting soon at 12 pm

They fly in over the days, as well as the paintings of the other it's worth to check in  every now and then! 

If you are interested in a certain one, it is best to say that you want to be "tagged", then I will let you know as soon as the painting is up for auction, because there is always a "buy-it-now price" it can be grabbed easy
you probably know this from Ebay ;) 

PS of course it is absolut ok to bid on other artists work, which I so adore too!!!

If you are already a member of Heartful Soul AC Monthly Auction Group, you can go directly to the
Auctionsalbum with <<<< this link

If not, you will find the event with all information and necessary links. 

I would be very happy if you drop by and leave a few Likes ;) of course there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything ;) 

Just look what sweet little owls saw the light of day on Saturday
in our new live-workshop location:


There was a lot of lovely creative chaos again to work with and yes we enjoyed it all so very much!

Recently I have rediscovered the salad and now every evening I have a huge bowl full of small slices:

spinach or green salad, kale, paprika, apple, celery sticks, Korinander, Zuchini
I add kimchi and as dressing half of the finished jackfruit salad...
all well mixed and a little coconut blossom syrup as a crowning glory on top and I am in seventh heaven

Oh yeah psssst...I'm also in the process of offering some Mini Online Workshops...well, that turns out to be more work than I thought...
so you have to be patient a little longer ;) 

Last week I started a picture with the monthly theme of Mix It Monthly and hope to be able to work on it soon! 
First I chose a painting by Seurat, which I love very much (left)...
then I went through my paper collection and found this: (right)


Taking this as inspiration, I just started and worked out the figures and a landscape with my acrylic paints...I'm already curious where it will take is just a WIP right now of course...

If you like the idea, think about to join us in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020
because I will have two lessons on how famous artists inspire my work...

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020