NEWS from my Studio

Yes it is true  I will be teaching in  Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020! Wopiee!

This time I will bring you with me, when famous artists inspire my work.

We will have a lil study and then let the paintings of them float into our own pictures.

This one is a great example of this kinda technique:

Claude Monet with his awesome paintings of women with an umbrella really catch my attention and voilà she is....

We will use collage and our intuition and I will show you to create meanigful work. All of my techniques are versatile and you will never again not knowing what to paint! 
The paintingprocess flows easily and anew everytimel!

I hope to show you how easy it is to develop your own creativity and fantasy in the future!

And here is another one inspired by awesome Pablo Picasso:

I will make a kinda still life or lil animal also! 


The course starts January 1st 2020


(It is just $1.5 per lesson)
Join us now
 I would be thrilled to see you in class 

Outside my window Autumn is sneaking in with it's outstanding colors!

When I see all this leafs I will immediatelly want to print with them and this is what it is look like, when those prints find their way into my paintings.

Here you see a WIP on which I am working on....

Lately I also find time to artjournal and this time I painted this happy bunch here....the faces were rather boring at the beginning, so I got the idea to pick out the right ones from my magazines and glue them on...

Now they are having a party all together ;)

I've noticed that I've been working a lot with circles lately, which I didn't do often before....

everything has its time somehow...

here the start of a new painting...let's see where the journey goes :)

When I paint a picture and get a block, I also like to use my mobile phone to work out ideas....

this little dancer here first sat on the floor and then I painted her a couch and a little cat.....

that's what my digital sketch looked like:

....and here the finished painting, which is already on its way to Australia..

.I am so happy about it!

This little bear is one of my birthday presents for sweet hubby this year.

I have worked with plaster, collage, acrylic paint and wax...

do you think he will like it? 

With this said, have a wonderful time! 

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Much Love

xox Conny